We are thinking of having an egg-related Young Women activity in April. Below are some neat ideas to consider:

Leaf Print Eggs

sticker eggs

thumb print eggs




Monday:  Shredded Beef Enchiladas

Tuesday:  Hawaiian Meatballs

Wednesday:  Slow Cooker Chicken Alfredo

Thursday: Southwestern Chicken Barley Chili

Friday: Pizza

Saturday:  Dad’s Ghoulash

Sunday:  Green Chili Cheese Crisps

Our Young Women New Beginnings was really sweet. I thought I would share our invitations which incorporated a bookmark with parts of the Young Women theme and class logos.

The bookmark would be great for any Young Women occasion – not neccesarily just for New Beginnings. Change up the hanging tag, and it’s great for many purposes – birthdays, YW in Excellence, you name it.

It was wrapped with an “envelope” that has some descriptions of the YW values, and then held together with a belly band that had the details of the evening printed on it.

We closed the belly band with a little heart sticker. You can download the file for these bookmark invites here.

We also made the ring blossoms found here and instead of heart cupcakes, we made “Layers of Love” parfaits. These were just cupcakes cut in half and layered with a pudding (vanilla pudding, yogurt and Cool Whip) and more Cool Whip. We then had lots of toppings – sprinkles, marshmallows and cookies to add on top.

I had instruction sheets set up at the tables, which you can download here.

Tomorrow in Young Women, we are teaching lesson 29, A Change of Heart.

To help me keep on track with questions I wanted to ask, and scriptures I’d like to reference, I made a heart garland that has these points of interest in order.

When I begin the class, I’ll have just the first heart turned right-side up, so the girls can begin thinking about what it means to have a change of heart. As we progress through the lesson we will make a literal “change of hearts”, as we turn them right-side up and discuss what is written on them.

I made this handout for the girls to take home, to ponder the things we talked about.

On the backside I adhered a box of conversation hearts with painters tape, covering the original wording on the heart and writing in the word, “changed”, to go along with the lesson.

Go to my Etsy shop for this as a great valentine family home evening lesson.

Today is our 3rd snow day in a row. Baby rarely gets to go out and play with her big sisters. The only way she may get the chance is if she hitches a ride in someone else’s pants. ;)

Today we will be busy keeping this monkey off the table,

eating our second batch of banana cookies with caramel frosting this week,

and digging ourselves out from our big snowfall last night.

Last week I was released as Primary Chorister, and given a new calling as Young Women President. I am excited and a bit overwhelmed with all the new responsibilities and activities. My oldest keeps reminding me that I don’t have to worry so much about the activities, because our young women love doing most of the planning and implementing themselves. Sounds good to me! That said, I can’t help but notice all the fun things online – lots of inspiration. I’ll be posting some ideas for activities and lessons here on inkablinka, partly as a sounding board and also as a record to help me keep track of things I want to do and have done. We want to do our New Beginnings (where we introduce the new girls to the Personal Progress program) in February, so I have Valentines and hearts on the brain as a theme.

I love these pipe cleaner blossom rings, and can imagine them in all the different value colors. We could have a girl come up wearing a ring associated with a certain value, and tell of her experience with that value. After all the values have been discussed each girl can make a blossom ring in whatever value color they want.

We could ask parents to write a letter to their daughters describing which value they best represent. (On Valentine stationary, of course) I treasure the letters my mom wrote to me as a youth, they still lift me up. (photo from One Charming Party)

We could make peanut butter blossom cookies with heart chocolates instead of Hershey Kisses for refreshments.

Or we could make these awesome cupcakes with a heart inside.

We could relate all the hearts back to the love God has for each of us, and to how our faith in His love gives us strength to do all things. Personal Progress helps us to know our Heavenly Father better, and His purposes for us.

Our New Beginnings is a couple days after Valentine’s Day, so we could pick up themed plates and decorations on clearance. Bonus!

Click here for a follow-up post that includes some great invitations.

We had a fun party today. The birthday bands were a hit (and so much fun to make!), the mini oreo cheesecakes delicious, and the mustache photobooth so silly.

My oldest is turning 13 next week, and she is having a little party to celebrate tomorrow. Inspired by NieNie’s New Year’s Eve headbands, I wanted to make something fun and special for the girls coming to the party. This is my first little birdie band, and I love it! I’m excited to see how the others turn out.

We have had a wonderful Christmas. Santa was well fed with Candy Cane Oreos and milk, and the rest of us are so full of goodies, we will be rolling ourselves into the new year.

Baby got a picnic basket and cleaning supplies for Christmas. She likes to help sweep, and we are hoping the small brooms will decrease work-related accidents.

Everyone got a Toy Story 3 plushie in their stocking, and this girl has laid claim to them all. We’ve already had picnics with all our new friends.

Our baker in action. She wants to start a cookie restaurant business – but is having a hard time rounding up enthusiastic employees.

Our artist in residence begged for oil pastels, and is happily sketching Hello Kitty animals in her new pad.

My oldest has found a new love and skill in making balloon animals. She is available for birthday parties and carnivals.

She has also amazed me by sewing all these bags for gifts in the last few days. They turned out so cute!

For the rest of the day we’ll be watching movies, playing games and enjoying the day together. It’s been a very merry Christmas.