My 7-year old came home from school today at noon because a water main broke.

Toilets were flooding. Drinking fountains were dry.

Coincidentally, her first grade teacher had water as a topic for the day. My daughter was encouraged to come home and discuss the ocean with us. We discussed, but only after she had changed into her “Little Mermaid” Costume

and announced she would be having octopus and seaweed for lunch.

I complied with her wishes, and was then interrogated on my knowledge of the creatures of the sea. My knowledge was limited, so we got out our under-used encyclopedias to research dolphins, whales, crabs and seahorses.

Sea girl then made popsicle-stick sea creatures

and a cardboard aquarium where she could feed them with paper krill and crayfish.

You never know what a broken water main will bring into your day.