Printable sticky notes have so many fun applications. After making notes for my visiting teaching blog, I wanted to try some fun ones to put in my husband’s lunches. We love movies, so I found a bunch of “love” quotes from movies that we’ve seen (and some that we haven’t) and a few anonymous quotes. I thought my hub would enjoy a little game of remembering where each quote comes from, so I wrote, “Can you name the movie this quote is from?” underneath.

I made a pdf of the quotes I used that you can download here. To print them on the sticky notes, begin by printing out page 1 on cardstock.

Then place 3 x 3″ sticky notes over the printed squares on your cardstock.

Put your paper back into your printer through the manual feed and select one of the pages 2-5 to print on your stickies. Page 6 of the pdf lists which movies the quotes come from.

I then wrote a little personal note on my printed sticky, and stuck it to the underside of one of his sandwich baggies.

(Wild Olive has an adorable sticky note printable here. I used some of her same wording for my instructions.)