The girls enjoyed fashioning their dolls this morning. They are still under construction, so we will post a few photos of their favorites when they are done. They just took a little break to go watch a movie at the university.

My 7-year old had been begging for a scrapbook. I found this 12 x 12″ album at the thrift store for $1.99. My daughter’s opinion of the dinosaur was not much. Actually, the dinosaur was bearable. It was the freaky looking kids (her words, not mine) climbing all over the dino that she just couldn’t stomach. She asked me to make a cover, so I had to learn the meaning of some sewing terminology, like, “interfacing” and “gathering stitch”.

I was glad I did, because it turned out so cute! No more chubby cowboys mounting a friendly brontosaurus. My daughter is pleased.