We met up with family in Utah for a week, and learned a few things along the way. Things like:

Don’t put the 2-year old in the way backseat where she gets car sick. Twice.

Don’t forget the barfbags (or barfcups). Twice.

Audio books are more fun than movies because everyone, including the driver can enjoy them.

Men narrators sound really strange when making the voices for young girls.

Priceline is awesome for getting nice hotel rooms for cheap.

Marriott Courtyard doesn’t have free breakfasts.

BYU Creamery has an ice cream flavor called, “Graham Canyon” which is delightful.

Gourmet cupcake shops are expensive but fun.

Don’t turn on the jets in a jacuzzi until the water line has gone over the opening for the jets. It will scare the cupcakes out of you and flood the bathroom.

Make the most of the five days with your family, because it has got to be worth the six days of driving to get there and back.

Take lots of pictures, because you may be too tired to remember anything when it’s all said and done.