The first leaves of autumn have fallen. Aren’t they beautiful?

I’m starting to exercise and eat better. I’m gratified to see my stomach that looked 6 months pregnant is now appearing to be only about 4 months along. Progress! I’m doing yoga and walking, and invested in a Zumba DVD. After 2 days of rocking the beginning steps DVD, my back and knees convinced me I needed some dance shoes, so am now waiting for their delivery before moving on to the Zumba sculpt and tone.

My baby will only drink from her bottle if I add a little chocolate Quik to her formula. I am trying not to ruin her, but this girl has a sweet tooth. How did this happen? Genetics.

My oldest is giving her first youth talk in Sacrament Meeting this Sunday. Her topic is the creation, and I’ve enjoyed doing a little research on the topic with her. It’s been wonderfully illuminating.

My husband broke his elbow on Saturday while executing the “teeter totter” on a mountain bike trail. We are all missing the agile use of both his arms. I mowed the lawn for the first time in my life this afternoon. My hands are still a little tingly.

My recently-turned 8-year old daughter will be baptized at the end of the month. We have asked the full time missionaries to come once a week for dinner and a lesson before then. This week I’m making lasagna and breadsticks and using my new amber glassware that we recently found at a flea market. It’s fun to dress up the table for dinner guests.

The shoe situation in our house has been complete chaos. I finally bought some shoe organizers and hung them on the doors of the girls’ closets, (where they keep all their clothes) in our basement. It is great.