Last week our basement flooded during a massive downpour. After 3 hours of mopping, bailing, and wet-vac-ing we got things under control. We tried to rescue this library book by freezing it, then slowly blow drying back to health. We are sorry to say that the book cannot be resuscitated. It will have to be added to our current tab of lost and broken library DVD’s. Where did that annoying Strawberry Shortcake movie go, anyway?

Nap time is never long enough.

I am weaning baby from breast, and am looking forward to a little more physical freedom.

Family Home Evening is chaos with an 11 month old and a 2-year old. I’m thinking we’ll wait until after baby bedtime to have our lesson for a few months.

My husband’s broken arm has given me the opportunity to go out of my element and do some new things like climb up ladders to clean out gutters, repair leaks in our basement’s cinder block walls, mow the lawn and trim the bushes. We are counting down the days until he has both arms back!

Our first attempt at gardening has shown mixed results. Something ate every bit of my lettuce, peas and broccoli. We’ve had some nice cucumbers, though, and our pumpkin vines are gorgeous. We have 2 cute green pumpkins, and are excited to watch them develop.