We had a wonderful baptism today. Things were looking dicey as my daughter pictured above and her 2-year old sister were vomiting on and off yesterday as a result of some kind of 24-hour stomach bug. We all prayed everyone would be feeling well enough to have this special day, and we are so grateful there was no major trouble. Girls were not as perky as usual, but well enough, and husband was able to bend his broken arm just enough to perform the ordinance! The room was full of family and friends to enjoy the special spirit of this day. It was lovely in every way.

My husband designed the program. Cute kids!

I spent a good portion of my day baking and icing teeny boy and girl cookies dressed in white,

that complemented the deliciously monochromatic color scheme of the refreshment table, which also included rice krispy treats and angel food cake.

This was a wonderful day to remember.