Double Rainbows make us happy. I happened to be driving through town as this particular rainbow appeared. I saw people on every corner with their cell phones out, taking pictures of the sky. It was a bonding moment.

It was pretty chilly this morning. I think tomorrow I’ll turn our heater on for the first time this season.

My baby is taking her first steps. She can cross the room unassisted with her little jaunty steps. It is so cute.

My Zumba workouts, in conjunction with some serious calorie counting using the awesome Lose it! app, has gotten my body into some of my pre-pregnancy pants. Granted, they are my “fat” pre-pregnancy pants, but it is still a milestone – a healthy step forward.

My oldest is enjoying learning to play the saxophone in her middle school band. She is not enjoying carrying her instrument home from the bus stop, however. I’ve been meeting her in the afternoons and carrying it for her. She’s right. It’s heavy!

Rainbow Dance!