My 8-year old has been busy coloring and cutting this paper nativity for the past few days. I love it set up on our table inside one of the Quran boxes that we brought back from Abu Dhabi. I’m thinking today of my parents and sister who are on their way to Israel to spend Christmas walking where the Savior walked. I hope they have an amazing trip.

I’ve loved all the free printables I’ve found online this year. The “Wise Men Still Seek Him” print was found here, and the paper nativity was found here. It’s almost time to make preparations for our Christmas Eve meal – homemade rolls (with cinnamon rolls set aside for Christmas morning), and chicken and noodles. I’m planning on pigs in a blanket for dinner on Christmas, and my kids are thrilled.

I also love watching our card wall grow. It’s so fun to get cards in the mail. If you look at our tree closely, you can see the line where babies can’t reach. Visitors enjoy our half-decorated tree. I think in a couple years the ornaments might just stay on the whole tree the whole season. Tonight we will drive around town looking at lights. That is something I know the babies and big kids will love, since we so rarely go out at night!