We have had a wonderful Christmas. Santa was well fed with Candy Cane Oreos and milk, and the rest of us are so full of goodies, we will be rolling ourselves into the new year.

Baby got a picnic basket and cleaning supplies for Christmas. She likes to help sweep, and we are hoping the small brooms will decrease work-related accidents.

Everyone got a Toy Story 3 plushie in their stocking, and this girl has laid claim to them all. We’ve already had picnics with all our new friends.

Our baker in action. She wants to start a cookie restaurant business – but is having a hard time rounding up enthusiastic employees.

Our artist in residence begged for oil pastels, and is happily sketching Hello Kitty animals in her new pad.

My oldest has found a new love and skill in making balloon animals. She is available for birthday parties and carnivals.

She has also amazed me by sewing all these bags for gifts in the last few days. They turned out so cute!

For the rest of the day we’ll be watching movies, playing games and enjoying the day together. It’s been a very merry Christmas.