Last week I was released as Primary Chorister, and given a new calling as Young Women President. I am excited and a bit overwhelmed with all the new responsibilities and activities. My oldest keeps reminding me that I don’t have to worry so much about the activities, because our young women love doing most of the planning and implementing themselves. Sounds good to me! That said, I can’t help but notice all the fun things online – lots of inspiration. I’ll be posting some ideas for activities and lessons here on inkablinka, partly as a sounding board and also as a record to help me keep track of things I want to do and have done. We want to do our New Beginnings (where we introduce the new girls to the Personal Progress program) in February, so I have Valentines and hearts on the brain as a theme.

I love these pipe cleaner blossom rings, and can imagine them in all the different value colors. We could have a girl come up wearing a ring associated with a certain value, and tell of her experience with that value. After all the values have been discussed each girl can make a blossom ring in whatever value color they want.

We could askĀ parents to write a letter to their daughters describing which value they best represent. (On Valentine stationary, of course) I treasure the letters my mom wrote to me as a youth, they still lift me up. (photo from One Charming Party)

We could make peanut butter blossom cookies with heart chocolates instead of Hershey Kisses for refreshments.

Or we could make these awesome cupcakes with a heart inside.

We could relate all the hearts back to the love God has for each of us, and to how our faith in His love gives us strength to do all things. Personal Progress helps us to know our Heavenly Father better, and His purposes for us.

Our New Beginnings is a couple days after Valentine’s Day, so we could pick up themed plates and decorations on clearance. Bonus!

Click here for a follow-up post that includes some great invitations.