Our Young Women New Beginnings was really sweet. I thought I would share our invitations which incorporated a bookmark with parts of the Young Women theme and class logos.

The bookmark would be great for any Young Women occasion – not neccesarily just for New Beginnings. Change up the hanging tag, and it’s great for many purposes – birthdays, YW in Excellence, you name it.

It was wrapped with an “envelope” that has some descriptions of the YW values, and then held together with a belly band that had the details of the evening printed on it.

We closed the belly band with a little heart sticker. You can download the file for these bookmark invites here.

We also made the ring blossoms found here and instead of heart cupcakes, we made “Layers of Love” parfaits. These were just cupcakes cut in half and layered with a pudding (vanilla pudding, yogurt and Cool Whip) and more Cool Whip. We then had lots of toppings – sprinkles, marshmallows and cookies to add on top.

I had instruction sheets set up at the tables, which you can download here.